Hydration Squad

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Why you should do
IV hydration with Vitamins
and Supplements?

The intravenous route is the fastest way to deliver electrolytes, vitamins, medications and fluids to the body, to restore hydration and support our immune system. IV fluids get absorbed directly into the bloodstream with 100% efficiency and bioavailability.

Taking vitamin supplements is certainly beneficial. However, few people realize that when you swallow a multivitamin by mouth, only 20% of the active nutrients may eventually find their way into your bloodstream.

Even when trying to eat healthy, most foods available to us are nutrient-sparse. The vast majority of us are exposed to thousands of environmental toxins daily. That coupled with busy lives and poor eating habits can leave us in a constant state of toxicity, malnutrition, and dehydration. 

IV drips usually takes 30 minutes to one hour and this will promotes faster recovery and almost immediate effects. That is why the IV fluids are indispensable in Hospitals, Nursing Facilities, Surgery and Emergency Rooms. We are making this essential service available to you at your home, office, or hotel as a concierge mobile service to restore your wellness in a comfortable and quick setting.

The Squad

When you’re sick, distressed, dehydrated, or just exhausted…the last thing you want is to travel to a medical office, endure long waits and expose yourself to infections. Our mobile concierge service will come to you. Through phone or FaceTime a licensed physician will consult with you prior to your treatment. Then, a highly trained medical professional will hook you up to a PAINLESS I.V. specially formulated to deliver the wellness treatment you desire.

Our various blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids will assist you with symptom relief from hangovers, jet lag, cold/flu, migraine, energy, mood, and assist in improving athletic performance. IV vitamin infusion can also help with beauty, skin, nail, and hair health. 

With a quick insertion of an IV catheter by an expert medical provider and supervised by Harvard trained Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain medicine physician Dr. Santana, you will be in your way in no time. 

Dr. Lis Santana, CEO and Founder

She is Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine Physician trained at Harvard University. As a result of working for over ten years in the Operating Room and Pain Clinic, Dr. Santana observed that hydration and vitamin therapy significantly helped with recovery, dehydration, fatigue, pain and immune system among other symptoms. She designed special wellness IV therapy infusions for different symptoms, call or email for more information.