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Our various blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids will assist you with symptom relief from hangovers, jet lag, cold/flu, migraine, energy, mood, and assist in improving athletic performance. IV vitamin infusion can also help with beauty, skin, nail, and hair health. With a quick insertion of an IV catheter by an expert medical provider and supervised by Harvard trained Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain medicine physician Dr. Santana, you will be in your way in no time.

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Energy/athletic Cocktail

This is great for athlete that wants to perform their best in an upcoming event or speed their recovery after a workout. The pre-event hydration can also help avoid cramping. Excellent for sports such as running, swimming, soccer, football, surfing, climbing, boxing, basketball, tennis, volleyball and much more. Energy booster and hydration.

Beautiful Cocktail

Chronic dehydration is one of the biggest causes of dry skin, wrinkles, skin blemishes, and accelerated aging. Hydrate and improve your skin, nails and hair, increase collagen production to enhance elasticity. Now you can try celebrity favorite beauty treatment without the celebrity price tag.

Hangover Cocktail

Skip the coffee or any remedy you swear by and get instant hangover relief with IV fluids, antioxidants, electrolytes, treatment for nausea and pain. Revive yourself with the ultimate liver detox and energy boost to recover and get back on your feet. Safe during pregnancy for dehydration and morning sickness and fatigue.

Pregnancy Cocktail

Safe during pregnancy for dehydration and morning sickness and fatigue.

Smart Cocktail

Support cognitive health, improve mood, focus, memory, attention, sharpness and mental clarity. A blend of minerals and vitamins to give you the focus you need.

Cleanse Cocktail

The fastest way to combat dehydration.

Headache Cocktail

This IV treatment is excellent during an acute headache, especially migraine attacks. IV fluids, electrolytes, anti-inflammatory pain medication, anti-nausea medications and minerals.

Happy Cocktail

This drip can help rebalance your mind and body by restoring minerals and vitamins depleted in anxiety, depression and lack of energy using precursors of vital neurotransmitters.

Food Poisoning Cocktail

“Deathbed treatment” is an IV therapy to help with overwhelming feeling of abdominal and body discomfort, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea from food poisoning. Don’t waste your day in bed.

Slim Cocktail

Accelerate weight loss increasing your metabolism, reduce hunger cravings and reach your goals faster than ever before.

Myer’s Cocktail

An enhanced take on general wellness. Includes vitamin C, Magnesium, calcium and 7 different B vitamins.

Immunity Cocktail

This cocktail will boosts immune system, reduces oxidative stress, detoxifies the body, protects against free radicals. The immunity therapy is a cold and flu booster, that can decrease both the severity of your symptoms and the length of time you are feeling sick.

Post-Bariatric Cocktail

Best vitamins minerals and amino acids for people that can not absorb nutrients after a gastric bypass, gastric bands, or any similar procedure of bariatric surgery.

Jet Lag Cocktail

Jet lag, or desynchronosis, is a sleep disorder that can affect those who travel quickly across multiple time zones. Airline cabins are dehumidified with recirculated germ infected air that can remove the moisture out of your system. Traveling also cause significant dehydration and poor nutrition. If you travel long distances for business or pleasure this cocktail is good for you.

Ache Cocktail

Effective to relieve muscle pain and aches, menstrual cramps, and more.

Pre-Surgical Cocktail

Increase your immune System and hydration before going into surgery for better outcomes.

Post Surgical Cocktail

Increase your immune system, hydration, and wound healing after any surgical procedure for better outcomes.

Oxidative Stress Cocktail

Remove all the damaging free radicals that make your body and skin look sick.

Sinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis Cocktail

Asthma Cocktail

Helps decrease the reactivity of the bronchus in the lungs with natural relaxants.

NAD 4 hrs

Helps create ATP a major source of energy, anti aging.

Skinny shot super-strong

Increase metabolism of fats and provides increase energy.


Decrease anxiety and stress symptoms help with sleep


Inmune High dose vitamins C

Iron Infusion

For low hemoglobins and people with anemia that have fatigue and low energy.

Plasma Therapy for Hair and Face

Prices vary.

Botox inyectable by Allergan

Botulinum Toxin is a neurotoxin that relaxes the muscles of the face and neck shoulder areas and decreases lines of expressions or wrinkles.

Emsculpt Neo

New FDA approved dual technology that combines radio frequency to burn an average of 30% localized fat and High Intensity Electromagnetic muscle contraction to build localized muscle. Areas that can be treated are abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and calf. Therapy is only 30 minutes with no pain and no downtime. Average protocols are from 4-8 sessions.

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Extra Shots

Extra Hydration

Extra Vitamin C

Extra Amino Acids

Anti Nausea or Anti Inflammatory

Extra Gluthatione

Vitamin D Shot

Intramuscular injection on the privacy of your home, office or hotel. Vitamin B12 is essential for cell growth and development and is a major building block of red blood cells. Low B12 may lead to macrocytic anemia and fatigue.

Vitamin B12